About Tapsi

At Tapsi, the menu is a carefully curated selection of Middle Eastern dishes, each prepared with the freshest ingredients and a commitment to traditional cooking techniques. Guests can expect a wide variety of dishes, including:

  1. Hummus: Creamy, house-made chickpea dip, served with warm pita bread and olive oil.
  2. Falafel: Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these fried chickpea patties are a must-try.
  3. Shawarma: Tender slices of marinated meat, served in pita bread or on a plate with fresh veggies and tahini sauce.
  4. Kebabs: Succulent skewers of grilled meat or vegetables seasoned with aromatic Middle Eastern spices.
  5. Tabbouleh: A refreshing salad made with finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, and bulgur, dressed with lemon and olive oil.
  6. Baklava: A sweet, flaky dessert made with layers of phyllo pastry, honey, and nuts.